How do I get this out of me?
It cannonades repetitively
Inside the mind that trips
Bursting upon my tongue
Behind withholding lips
Sealed, quiet, motionless
Where are my words in the face of uncertainty?
Filtered by the electric touch
Rising in a chest of stasis
Probing chambered reliquaries
Hidden in the beaming eyes
Where I maneuver out of sight
Under apparitional skies
Invading me and liquidized
I am grown and growing still
A little clearer is this vision
Bringing me out and back again
I disappeared in my experience
Knowing the destructive feeling
Watching it melt away,
Collecting into colors on canvas thoughts
Going out of our minds
To travel deeper within them
The intensity; we feel insane
I feel you wash across my brain
Lighting up in its delight
Holding me in this epigrammatical flight
Over the oceanic depths of my restlessness
Wanting you within me
Wanting me within you
Resolving to be more than my obsessions
Wild, primal and free
In this unfolding mystery
Confused and haunted
As this is flaunted
In front of an obvious face
Determining to leave the space
With hand-shaped burns
Marking my desires
Building again harmonious fires
Cleansed and healing
In patterns revealing
The path inside my chaotic mind
Wondering what I saw before
As I glide across the sandy floor
That shifts in the furious storm
I am only aware of what I am
So sayeth we
So much at once
I cannot speak
You reach beyond my subduing walls
Beyond the fading veil of time
Consuming my heart poetically
Riding the channel vampirically
Looking through the enclosing fog
Permeating my withering faculties
Time is shrinking
As I sit here, blinking
Fading another sun to moon
Playing another silent tune
Our lines become waves inside the ether
Feeling more imaginary
As our particles are dissipating
I cannot think
Ravenous behind the door
Superimposing my constructions
Walking through the empyreal gyre
As there you rise, further; higher
Perhaps to graze with the tip
Of your feathered wing
The everythings becoming nothing
The nothings becoming everything
I cannot seem to leave this page
Until I have reached another age
It feels so good to glide here
It feels so good inside here
Further we float away
Acutely heightened by the chance
That something in you sees this dance
Each time we take another glance
Utilizing the pleasured rush
From some advantageous circumstance
Every part deconstructing
In that radiating feeling
Stop before it seems like stealing
Hold me here pensively
All is spinning
Faster! Faster! More love and disaster!
And the silence in me speaks
As words no longer live
Inside the mind that trips
Only silent cannonading
Bursting upon the tongue
Behind withholding lips

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