I am just a passerby,
The wild eyes and secret grin
That slither through a drowsy crowd.
I am the window that sees
Chromatic particles colliding in the air,
That watches a world caught up
Inside its inner monologue.
I set to sail a dream
Upon an ocean of unspoken things,
Of time elapsed and time collapsed.
And the beauty could only live
In the pages scattered across my body
Like a second skin -
It could only live within.
My love is all I have.
It sits like hearth décor
On the mantle of desire,
Untouched and unnoticed.
I am just a passerby.


lonliness, alone, solitude, love, desire, window, time, change, dream, ocean, nature, smile

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about 5 years

And I am just an admirer of the passerby!

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years


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