Spent my whole life
In a war zone
Where everyman
proves his metal
by showing
just how much punishment
He can take
And sure peace was a word
That I had heard
but its meaning
Wasn’t something
I could believe
Spent my whole life
In a war zone
Every man for himself
No rest or respite
Just hatred bitterness
And rage
Self loathing
disguised as love
All pretense
And distrust
How can I
Go back
To that
Now that I have
Tasted bliss?
I could endure
When I believed
That war was
All there is
But now
I have tasted
I have relished
I have seen
That there is more
To life than
Mere hostility
That indeed
There can be
Spent my whole life
In a war zone
I even called it home
But now that I have seen
So much more
It is home
No more

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