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When you say friends
Tell me what you meant by friends
Is it those people you go running to
When you think you’ve got a problem
Or those ones social media classed as friends
Just to get your number up,
or those ones you will never think of talking
To until you mistakenly sit next to
Each other in a bus.
And you have that never ending awkward conversation
like “what college are you going to and what course
Do you think you are good at”
but really the people call friends doesnt really have to be
People we chill with or people that lends us
their last 50p just to save us from hunger
Or people that praise you just to make you feel better
About your current situation
But people you call friends should be people
that impact something on to you
People that motivates you
That inspires you
And challenge you
Those are who you should call friends
even though their last 50p will save you from hunger
Have you checked their wallet?
Maybe all they want you to do is for you to worship them
Just to make them seems more generous or better.


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