Mabelle's Song

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How i hate your dark crooked bows,
The lynch of your exceeding notes
Buried in your solemn voice,
The way you twinkle like a white ferry
And the pace that you race
It’s quite unusual,
Now you maneuvered your way out,
Still not all out,
Some are hidden across the grey lonely barn
It whispers the horror and the tempest,
Swirling and twirling in huge dark
My love, may not be morose
To kiss my elastic flesh,
Lick the wine of my sweat
Nor save my breath to rest,
Feel me with lotion and tough hands
Swing me off to the ray
As my breast awaits to lay,
My heart is deranged for your exquisite smell,
As it burst into red roses,
I wish the seas, the rivers and the lakes are awake.
I wish the stars, the moon and the sun are amazed,
I wish.


I wrote this poem because of a girl who likes me but she hates the fact that she likes me and she won't accept she likes me.


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