Under the stripped trees in a pearly cloud
Winter, there i found a white blossom
Dropped in a muffled sound-like
And it formed
A surface,
The surface was white, sad, restless
And a while later it started sobbing,
The teardrops was white and pure  
Believe it or not,
It was like an underwater marine-ship
On a soiled tanned-desert,
Narrow, tasteless but not hopeless,
I sighed over and over and over again,
When is it going to stop sobbing? i ponder
The sand parted away from the surface,
Ant’s and grasshoppers walked in confusion
Ant’s  went astray from their king and queens,
Grasshopper hops away from a frozen snow,
Even the wiggling-tail squirrel sprinted up to the
stripped tree,
Bees and the soldier-fly flew away to a wall-stone
And the birds as well —we will freeze,
They all screamed with action and reactions,
The sun came up melted the frozen flowers
And she flapped happily, she breaths and exhales the air,
The birds chirps sweetly twisting is head up and forth,
And the stripped trees plain and clean as never,
Pictures and memories with the flowers she behold,
See the dazzling flower happy as much as i could remember,
Bees and butterfly came back for a meal digging through
Its sweet-inn
However it looks safe and calm,
She stayed still next to a wide-gutter
With joy and i say with joy
She’s free for now.

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