The Adventurous Three


         by steven le poet


Play with the pebble or a rattlesnake,
Rattlesnake– rattlesnake
Play with the pebble or a rattlesnake
Make or slay his heart wide.
They glided on a flat iron eel-ply surface
It renders at ease been at the peak of a
Trotted rise,
Frights toddles and a bleak of jingles seeds.
Rays, swings up and forth in lays
Swivels round and round and inhales
With short breath and tight throat,
Awkwardness for the rays evolves!.


Grinding in, Grinding out
Their cinnamon sweets– cinnamon sweets,
Grinding in, Grinding out
Their cinnamon sweets,
All are at your risk now.
Bruises stamped as a pathless coast,
Drawn on a white fluffy gas sightless evoke,
Moonless air; while days comes and go,
Star-crust sighs at ease and travels miles
For a landing thrones.
Trip to the north, south, west and east
Pawned together to fill and to protect
Another from world at ease,
Lumbers is fit for trade whilst in the woods
We say!.


Wild flaws of memory cleansed,
Grasped together is the vain or near,
Whiles reluctant with me, you and him
for months, for years for us to grow a pair.
Roll on with the whales and hold
Flippers fit– flippers fit
Roll on with the whales and hold
Flippers fit, round on round on and on.
As the sheds crackles barks,
Rubber-flippers buried masked,
With thick-black foamed underneath hides
Those are the memory flopped at one stance.


Merrily Merrily
Our luck invades– luck invades
Merrily Merrily
Our luck invades
While our bates are in space.
As we thrown the reel to mate,
Shadows blings in the light paths,
But her countenance is clear, gentle i’d hope
Not for you or for you.
Drop-dead you she’s mine,
Lets famish our ego for now,
Red light glitters from distance may,
Anxious-clicks tick tock and pebbles faints.


Confidence fails and speeches wails
Speeches wails– speeches wails
Confidence fails and speeches wails
Hiding underneath our stockings.
Let loose a black knot or bolt treasure,
May or may not weld our feelings together,
Talk or keep shut your stare as it creeps,
we shall be together no matter what,
As the moon sinks in.
Candid lights. Candid brights
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Time begs for our Powerful might
Let’s move at once
As our king would sleep light.




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