To Michael Kroskey

Pain, Love, Care, Fear
You are the one that I hold dear
You cross my mind and rest in my heart.  
I look at you and know this is the beginning, the start
Soft Skin,  Gentle eyes
I look at you,  then blue skies
The love I feel causes me to fly
Making it hard to say good-bye
Take my hand,  Lead me out
I feel as if I’ve lived in Doubt
You are the moisture to my dry skin
When I look at you,  I ask ‘Where have you been?’
My hear beats fast when
I see you,  when I hear you,  feel you....
Can you see the pulse of a
Heart that has been broken
A long time before you
Entered my life?  can’t you feel the
Love I have for the one who can pick up the pieces?
Past Fear comes to me
As a nightmare that
Is dark and filled with regret
Never to ease again.
Lost in Dreams
Of tomorrow, the
View is as beautiful as
Every new Day
Cautious of pushing you
Away unintentionally
Racking my brain with
Each thought of you
Forgiveness for those who cause
Each new painful memory in order to live
A satisfied life,  one filled with
Regret and pain, but no love or care


This poem is about a boyfriend that I lost to his ex

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más de 7 años

I understand ~ Quil

Danny MF'n Stone
más de 7 años

Wow I really like this one. Especially the last part.

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