Black eyes look at me
I ask if this is who you want me to be
If not, turn around, walk away
If not, I’ve got nothing to say
Blue tears slide down my face
Brown eyes down and glazed
I walk up to you and say 'Hi’
As I do, you turn and say 'Good-bye’
Painful memories in the back of my mind
Words of Hate, forever engrained
Tell me it’s not true, the things they say
Can’t you see my face is turning dawning grey
Accepting who i am is hard
When I remember, the increase is in my breathing
As it happens I feel my phantom heart beating.
Through the reactions, my memories are fleeting
Is it real? Is he gone?
Now I miss his puffy blonde hair, green eyes
Sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night
I wonder if we’ll ever meet again, this time I sigh
The warmth of his hand on mine
The large embrace of his heart
When I tell them i don’t know where to start
I just can’t beleive we’re this far apart
Cloudy skies real and final
The rain is like a waterfall
Memories flow inside my mind
Moving back and forth I finally choose kind
Black and red are the colors I see
Pain and Hate, Please let me be
I know that my voice is clear
No longer filled with fear
Through God’s eyes I’m loving
But through Satans, I’m folowing
Despair sticks where it climbs
Flowers blooming on my hearts vine
Accepting my past
I feel my heart give way

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