I am forever broken
with many words unspoken
a hopeless mess
overwhelmed with endless stress
lost inside an empty head
its as if I am already dead
fires ablaze with
in my eyes
a smile concealing
all the lies
soul is shattered
heart is torn
deep inside a
fire burns
shaking, pacing all
night long
feeling as if I
will never belong
over taken by
endless pain
with blood dripping
from my veins
watching my life
just past me by
an wishing God
here’s my cry  
smiles an laughter
I still must fake
an threw my heart
is a wooden stake
fears of committing
a deadly sin  
with endless thoughts
of giving in
dreaming of razor
blades threw the night
an the battle with in
I still must fight
my heart beets faster
as the truth sinks in
that this is a battle
I will never win

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