Darkness to light
When all is lost and hope is gone,
I stumble across the frosty thorns.
The rainbow is hidden, the cloud is grey,
a flicker of light appears far way.
The journey is long, the mud is dense,
hills are high and fog immense.
With heavy heart and body worn,
I reach the pit of human scorn.
Digging down in thoughts of mind,
unpleasantries is how they thrive.
Flout the fears, snub the belief,
see the light appear beneath.
A minuet ray, illuminates my face,
feel the warmth and embrace.
Reaching, delving into my soul,
I wish for sunrise and no more woe.
Mind is clearing, body is free,
maybe someone can hear my plea.


Sadness, despair, darkness, dark, light, hope,

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