He breathes, but he’s almost dead inside,
Beset by problems; long gone his desire
To hang on and fight; and he’s satisfied
To surrender life; within him, there’s no fire!
Failures, disappointments overwhelmed,
Loneliness, emptiness have taken a toll...
Events in his every day, have him hemmed
Within dark walls that imprison his soul...
But on life’s highway, he met a fellow traveler
Another soul suffering, perishing in the cold!
Literally, figuratively, in the bottom cellar
Where one endures, beyond pain’s threshold!
His sympathy was thus aroused; he decided
To rescue him; provide for the traveler’s needs!
Thus he found a reason to live and be excited
About tomorrow. Aye! To see where life leads!
When he saw to the needs of a fellow traveler
One suffering far worse travails than his
It warmed his blood; and he could but wonder
At the satisfaction he felt; and an inner peace...
It’s a lesson learned; for him; for us all
When we save others, we save ourselves too!
We break down the walls imprisoning our soul
And we realize we’re bound as one, me and you!
© Vic A Evora


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over 5 years

Amen!Thank you for liking

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

So good when someone cares, sounds like the good Samaritan, We need more people who care.

over 5 years

Thanks Barb

Barb Clarke
over 5 years

It does seem true that if we help others, we help ourselves
and it is true, we are one! Nice poem.

over 5 years

Gracias amigo...

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

The more people realize and live out the truth in this poem, the better for humanity. Nice poem!

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