Sorry to disappoint... It is not about Gollum
Growing old is a precious gift
That not everyone gets to savor;
Marvelous and fantastic moments
And remembrances of every flavor
Await us in the twilight years
Should Fates bestow us the favor
The longer we stay on planet Earth
The more we get to see her wonders
God’s glorious handiwork around us
Sunsets, sunrise, rain and thunder
Mountains, rivers and waterfalls
Moon and stars, spring and summer…
The beauty of the world for us to see
And the spectacular accomplishments
Man has done over the centuries…
Skyscrapers, cathedrals, monuments
Spectacles for us to witness and enjoy
But only if we have a trillion moments!
When young, we get to fall in love
Someone we hope to keep a lifetime…
If unlucky, out of love, we may fall;
But ere the clock begins to chime
We’d have time to meet someone else…
A second romance that can be sublime!
With age comes a wealth of knowledge
For life’s experiences beget wisdom…
The years make us learned and wise…
With minds unshackled, comes freedom
To say what we think; what we feel…
People listen! At long last, stardom!
Lastly, with a long life, we’ll see
Our children grow up and flourish;
We’ll nurse their hurts, watch them
Have success! Memories to cherish!
Then grandchildren come our way
To make sure all our sorrows perish!
So don’t stress out over the minor aches
That comes with the twilight years
Growing old is a precious gift!
Although it includes blood, sweat, tears
Not everyone gets to savor its perquisites
Let’s enjoy, and eliminate all our fears!
© Vic A Evora


I never thought I will be this old! Now that I am, I am enjoying it. Sure it takes longer to get up from bed in the morning. But discount tickets at a movie theatre is good. And you know, people listen to you, making you feel real smart. Hahaha!

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