The breaking dawn is vast, but infinitely slow
A golden glow out east; but still dark out west...
The landscape is grey despite the snow
But soon day will come to give night a rest!
Snow fell relentlessly the whole night thru
Until there’s more than a foot on the ground;
Snowdrifts made mountains, as the wind blew
And not one blade of grass could be found!!
As the morning sun rose above the skyline
Snow from the tree branches slowly melted
Icy droplets fell, glistening in the sunshine,
And snowbanks shimmered like velvet!
Virgin, never-trodden snow, pure and white;
A fresh, brand-new beginning, a clean slate
No footfalls nor trails, no sign of blight
The pristine, immaculate canvas we await!
A cold, but lovely winter day; a wonderland
Before us! The air crisp and invigorating!
Beneath our feet, whiter than whitest sand...
The scenery beckons; the spectacle, inviting
Up the tall hill, just short of the tree line
The snow appears eager for toboggan trails,
And screams and laughter that sound divine...
Moments that become legendary winter tales!
But as we trek up the hill, warmly dressed
We chance to look back at the trail we made
Forlorn at the sight, our sadness express’d
The snow’s pure no more! Innocence betrayed!
© Vic A Evora...

My recollections from one winter morning during the blizzard of 1979... so long ago..

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D. Thurmond   aka  JEF (James Everett Falcon)
about 4 years

Written so well, as always. The visuals capture the mind and hold interest well, and I love the twist at the end.

about 4 years

Thanks JEF. Glad you like the twist

over 4 years

Awwe! Thank you so much Charlotte. I enjoy your poems as well; all you do are so well done! They are so hopeful, and they edify the reader...

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

What a beautiful way to express a snowstorm Vic. I enjoy your writing , and you are by far one of my favorite people on poeticous. I think of you when I read the first line of my poem A Faithful Friend because you're always there.

over 4 years

Thank you Catherine for faving this poem. And yes, the duality is intentional. I always like to explore the dichotomy or duality of the human experience.

First, there was the violent snowstorm all through the night that dumped a foot of snow on the ground. Then the peace and serenity of the storm's aftermath, and the purity (and innocence) of freshly fallen snow, that's covers all the blight and ugliness. Then finally the snow trails and footprints we make that mar the beauty of the freshly fallen snow, a metaphor for the human assault on the environment.

over 4 years

Every time a poem has duality I can't help but favorite it ... It always has such a profound effect on me .. The beginning and the end of this just balanced two sides ...

over 4 years

Good grief love this ... The metaphor .. Your beginning lovingly pulls you thru great imagery ... Like I was actually there and your happy and then all of a sudden that strong and intense finish ..." Forlorned at the sight our sadness expressed.. The snows pure no more .. Innocence betrayed". Man that got me .. Wether it's a metaphor or not ... It seemed I was a child when reading it as if kids were walking thru this snow and then those last few lines ... It was so strong ... Innocence lost .. It had a Child hood over feel to it .. Wether that was your intent it spoke to
Me in this way ... But also gave me a feeling of calm and made me feel like I was seeing these thing and this place ...

over 4 years

Thanks amigo

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 4 years

Very nice Vic!

over 4 years

Really? I lived in New York City from 1972-1979 then in Long Island in 1980-1981. I still visit often. I went to school at Columbia University...

Thanks for liking this poem.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

A nice poem as usual. I used to live in New York City. Right after the snow storm, the city looked beautiful until the snow turned black from the exhaust pipes in the traffic.

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