White Lilies

The stagnant pond’s full of things decaying,
Covered with green algae; a putrid smell
From dead vegetation; but in early morning
White lilies bloom brightly in the middle!
Quite mind-blowing how blossoms so beautiful
Flourish and thrive in a murky, muddy place!
How lilies pure, wholesome and wonderful,
Shine and prosper in a dank, sordid space!
A refreshing reminder of an age-old truth
That good resides even in the most evil men
That wisdom can abide in an unlettered youth
And in a hellish life, we can dream of heaven!
The white lilies are a beacon drawing us in
A lighthouse in the dark and tempestuous ocean
The antithesis to decay and death, evil and sin!
They embody good and beauty, all interwoven!
Our Lord and Savior is much like the lilies;
He came to a world befouled by sin and death…
But He brought us salvation, and the keys
To eternal life; and an offer of heaven’s breath...
© Vic A Evora...

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