Ecclesiastes 7:8
"Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof:
and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit."

One summer day, away from the crowds
He looks out the window, he could see
The sun peeking through cumulus clouds
His mind uncluttered, set to roam free.
Yet he thinks of none but burial shrouds
Of the end of things, of what will be!
He walks outside to wander in the park
Trees are vibrant green, flowers bloom.
The sun’s bright, but soon it’ll be dark
It’s end of day, and anon stars will zoom
Green leaves will turn to the color of bark
Summer’s ending; here comes winter gloom!
It’s the end of things; and surely it will be
For everything, good or bad, ended somehow
The carefree childhood he enjoyed immensely
That summer vacation he remembers up to now
A Sunday sermon that went on monotonously!
That night of passion; too short but WOW!
Bemused, he asks: Whenever did youth end?
For he has forgotten; that much he can avow
When young, free, in love; he can comprehend
That magical feeling, he recalls even now!
Today, older, yet freer; he’s with a friend
He loves more than his heart would allow!
It wasn’t always like so; for one romance
Failed; and he thought his life has ended
But he met her whilst he was in a trance,
Such a stupor one would mistake him dead...
She gave him a purpose, that second chance,
To reject unhappiness, choose life instead...
Today will surely end; soon it will be night
But the witching hour ushers another day!
The bare trees covered with snow so white
Will be green again come middle of May...
His love affair died, and put him in plight
But he’s in love again; hopeful it will stay!
He thinks of the burial shrouds yet again
Knowing all earthly things have an ending
Life will stop for most, the question’s when
But at death’s gate there’s a new beginning,
A brand-new day; spring’s invigorating rain
And so with hope, he awaits the end of things!
© Vic A Evora


“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don't really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren't really an ending; some things are never-ending.”
~ C. JoyBell C

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J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

Very good analogy and written in such a magical way!

almost 5 years

Many thanks for liking/faving.

I'm glad you like the analogies. But "magical" - Wow! Thanks so much. :) :)

over 5 years

Thanks Barb

Barb Clarke
over 5 years

I think you are right, as something ends or a door closes, something begins and a new door opens. Nice poem.

R. L. McCallum
over 5 years

Yes, sometimes it takes a while to get a poem to polish up properly.

over 5 years

Thanks Robert. Took me a long time to complete it, and lots of rewrites. LOL

over 5 years

Oh, never crossed my mind.

over 5 years

Sorry for the late reply; thanks for liking the poem.I had intended this poem to be hopeful.
In my life, I have had a great many disappointments, and yet I have persevered. I have many doors shut in my face; yet many more doors have opened too. A lot of things have ended in my life, yet newer more exciting things have opened up for me. And I am hopeful that death will not be my end, but just the beginning.

R. L. McCallum
over 5 years

Great work; it speaks volumes.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

Wasn't speaking of your marriage when I made this statement, only things in general that we start.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

Your poem says a lot, I think about childhood days too, and about some things that have ended, but I feel we're never to old to experience new beginnings. I think we sometimes need to finish what we begin to experience a better end. Do you agree? I like your story it's interesting.

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