Words to Live By:
Which unfortunately I have
disregarded most of my life
Perhaps at my own peril...

Let every word we utter
Be fraught with encouragement
Each phrase a nourishment...
To everyone who’ll hear
Let every verse we write
Express our unwavering faith
In all that our Maker saith
In all that is just and right
Let every tune we sing
Be a hallowed joyful hymn;
To all who believes in Him
Let it be a blessing...
Let everything that we do
Reflect charity and goodness;
Let them be acts of kindness
That will elevate me and you...
Let our every thought be pure
No envy, jealousy nor anger
Negativity is not the answer
Even if tribulations we endure
And let our lives be a beacon
A shining example every day
To guide others on their way
To a place beyond the horizon...
© Vic A Evora


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Annitta Cele
over 3 years

beyond the horizon
for in death bed
no more praising nor worship

love this

over 3 years

@Annitta Cele: Thanks for liking

almost 6 years


Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 6 years

Very nice exhortation.

about 6 years

Thank you Charlotte

Charlotte B. Williams
about 6 years


about 6 years

Thank you...

Leesaan Robertson
about 6 years

Great poem. I enjoyed reading it.

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