Quickly, time moves forward!
All of the passing years
Have caught me unaware...
And soon the end appears
Have I enjoyed the laughter?
Have I wiped away my tears?
But here it is, winter finally;
It’s caught me by surprise!
Where did all the years go?
I’ve grown old, but not unwise!
Still I walk, just not as fast
My ears fail me, so do my eyes...
I recall my youthful years
I was drawn to older people,
Never imagining that one day
One of them, I’d be; an equal!
Younger ones, they now listen
As if my mind’s keen as an eagle
I look around and see my friends
They’re all retired and grey...
Some walk with a limp or a cane,
More than a few have passed away
Yes, good times I still recall
But memories slowly fade away!
So I’m now one of the older folks
That I thought I’d never be
I was so young and vibrant
Full of life and feeling free
Now, getting up each morning
Still I do, but ever cautiously!
Thus, in my life’s new season
Mindful of the aches and pain
I’m praying winter will be long
And my days won’t be in vain;
There are things I want to do
For a few bucket lists remain...
In my life, I have a million regrets
Things I’ve done, things I haven’t!
O’ if only, I were happier with the rest
The deeds I’ve done, places I went
The people I’ve met; my loved ones
I wish more quality time I’ve spent
Perhaps it’s too late to undo things
But there’s a lot of world to discover
Things to do in my twilight years
Spectacles to see with awe and wonder
Reconnect with my soul; make peace
With everyone, most of all my Maker...
The adventure never ends, so I’m told
In many ways, it’s just begun...
And when it’s over in this earth
Eternal life I’ve finally won
Aches and pain of growing old shall
A distant memory be, forgotten and gone!
The tears shall be wiped out forever
For there’s only laughter under the sun!
© Vic A Evora


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over 5 years

Awwe shucks! Thanks so much Catherine, for faving and your comments. I'm so glad it did go through before your phone went to sleep.

over 5 years

Oh my what a great poem ... What an important poem ... How
Much I relate ... How marvelous ... My phone is at 3 % I shall be so sad if my comment doesn't post before it dies ..hehe .. Favorited for sure

over 5 years

Thank you Charlotte. The words just flowed out, into the screen. I try to be optimistic in everything I write.

Yes, it seems like I have written a lot. But pales in comparison to Robert Martin who has posted 736 poems to date. Lance Conrad is a distant second I think, with 581 posts. I don't think I can write that many. The grey cells will not cooperate, hahaha.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

I love this, you could'nt have expressed it better. It's what we all feel as we get older. It's so optimistic and very true. My goodness you've written a lot of poems. Enjoyed this.

over 5 years

Thank you Ben.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Absolutely true and wise!

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