He gazes into her eyes and sees his own desire
To hold her tight, embrace her for all eternity
The setting sun peeks behind the clouds, a ring of fire
As they watch on the beach, along the rugged sea
They watch gliders jump off the thirty foot bluff
Sea gulls soaring lazily in the still afternoon sky
They look at each other and that was enough
Both silently dreading the moment to say goodbye
Motionless they sat, side by side, words unspoken
The nearness enough to sate the hunger for each other
Sunbeams bathe their faces, the silence unbroken
But the air is electric, always, when they’re together
Yes they are a pair in love, life and everything
Pheromones are in the air, sparks are everywhere
They hold hands and joy comes to the core of their being
The whole world melts away as if nobody’s out there
Alas! Time for him to leave, go a thousand miles away
To attend to reality, life’s inevitable drudgery
Tears welled in her eyes, knowing she must stay
There were two sad souls in that incredible imagery…
With sadness they part, the sun sets as if to let go…
A soulful kiss is not enough, as they thirst for more
She hugs him ever so tightly, as if to say NO
He lets her go gently, hurting like never before…
© Vic A Evora


One of my early attempts to write a love poem.

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