In my reverie, I feel myself meld with the cosmos
One with the universe; one with the infinite star-studded sea...
Every fiber, every sinew, like comets
Streaking to the far reaches of our galaxy!
I touch the moon and feel its silvery coldness, and yet
On my face, I feel the scorching heat from a solar cyclone,
A fusion storm with flares reaching out
To Mars and beyond; even to the system’s ice-cold outer zone!
And I waltz among the stars; dancing with Cassiopeia
I watch Orion brandish his flaming sword at Scorpio,
After ejecting Betelgeuse from his belt,
Casting out the fiery red giant as far as he could throw!
At warp drive seven, several times the speed of light
I hurl myself towards the core of the Milky Way
Brushing aside super novas, black holes and worlds colliding,
Reveling at the cosmic fireworks, bending light as I stray!
Time stood still; as I draw nearer the throbbing galactic heart
Immersed in the dazzling brilliance of a million majestic suns
Sadly, powerful centrifugal forces slingshot me outward
Far, far into the Milky Way’s spiral tongues!
I float in the icy coldness of intergalactic dark matter,
From that vantage, I see Andromeda, and a billion other galaxies
Hurtling relentlessly into the edge of nowhere,
The great beyond where perhaps no one but the Maker exist!
Wonderstruck, I behold the universe
Amazed at how everything works, with no one at the wheel
Giant gears on automatic, a Swiss clock following laws of physics!
Thus I utter a silent prayer; and in reverence I kneel!
Then I find myself walking on a white sandy beach
That stretches to the horizon and beyond,
Vast and infinite; the waves thundered onto shore
As I walk barefoot on the strand!
I pick up a grain of sand, impressed by its crystal structure
The beauty, the symmetry and the uniformity of each lattice
That holds the individual atoms in their places
I keep wondering, who did the mathematics?
The lattice patterns repeat at regular intervals like fractals
On a never-ending feedback loop, yet a picture not of chaos
Rather phenomenal order; dynamic and yet unfractured
A symphony not by Stravinsky, but one by Amadeus!
I float in dark matter between the atoms; fluid yet undetected
I thrust myself into an atom at a lattice corner
And I swim in an electron cloud vibrating in orbitals
Round a nucleus; a quasi-planetary system, magnitudes smaller!
I push against neutron-proton pairs inside the nucleus
Massive spheres compared to the tiny electrons
And I observe the birth and death of quarks and anti-quarks
The flicker of short-lived mesons and positrons!
I see matter burst into energy, particles turn into light waves
A neutron decays into a proton, electron and anti-neutrino
Laws of physics reign supreme in this sub-atomic world;
Or could it be something higher? Could it be divine law?
There must be a blueprint for the universe,
Where even tiny specks of matter obey physical laws;
This cosmic soup is fine-tuned for the creation of life;
After all, life is but the antithesis of chaos!
And I wake up from my reverie
I’m standing on the side of a deserted Texas highway
With miles and miles of bluebonnets in full bloom
A spectacular explosion of life in very early May
Bees buzz and butterflies flutter around
And a falcon soars overhead in the clear blue sky
I look at the world in awe and deep reverence
And my spirit sings praises to the Most High!
© Vic A Evora

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