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Vic Evora

The Story of Me

The Abridged “Cliff Notes” Version

The Story of Me

The Abridged “Cliff Notes” Version

Enter, Stage Right

Not much to tell
So this will be quick
Nothing special happened
Though many memorable moments

I was born smart
More clever than most
But sadly, I did not apply
My mind to its full potential

I’ve fallen in love
And then out of love
Once, twice, maybe thrice
And now, fallen in love once more

I led a quiet life
Never been famous
Never been filthy rich
Done nothing exceptional

Children I raised
Fine, grown up now
I’m glad they’re not like me
They’ll realize all of their dreams

Others, I help
Whenever I could
I try to pay it forward
Hoping to get it on the flipside

Some I’ve rubbed
The wrong way, and so
I hope they will forgive me
Before I leave starship Earth

The story of me
Quite long in years
Short on accomplishments
A busload of pleasant memories

Exit, stage left

The End.

Vic Evora 08-26-2015