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“All of us need to be in touch with a mysterious, tantalizing source of inspiration that teases our sense of wonder and goads us on to life’s next adventure.” ~Rob Brezsny

Inspiration, celestial muse I need to write
Poetic verses; but alas I doubt she’s coming
On this rain-drenched foggy dreadful morning
My mind’s blank; my canvas ghostly-white
Sunshine, I pray will awaken my five senses
So that creative juices will flow in my veins;
Perhaps I’ll encounter beauty in the day’s remains
And the world, I’ll see with rose tinted lenses
But the morning downpour appears unforgiving
There’s little hope that the sun will shine
For the gray skies extend far into the skyline
The rest of the day, the world will be grieving
In my dark room I’ll stay, uninspired and alone
Deep in sad thoughts, feeling blue and forlorn!
But lo! The door opened, and light streamed in
Then she walked in; Erato, lady of my dreams
A big smile on her face, bright as sunbeams,
When she kissed me, my world went on a spin
Imagination took full possession of my being
As creative energy percolated in my soul
So let it rain!  She’s my sunshine after all
Grim outside but in my heart a sunny morning
Words, rhymes and verses leapt out of my lips
They appeared on paper, from the tip of my pen,
As my mind captured metaphors time and again
With my muse the world’s at my fingertips
And so this woeful morning I choose to write
About fantastic tales; a future amazingly bright
© Vic Evora

From almost six years ago. Found it in my files and decided to post. Rhymes like an English sonnet. But the lines are not ALL iambic pentameter.

Erato is the Muse of Poetry in Greek mythology


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