Iridescent Dragonfly

From deep sleep, slowly, he awakens
Eyes half-opened skyward obsidian skies
Semi-conscious he spoke but not a word
Vocal cords sadly muffled as he cries
Glancing left, he sees southern lights
Green, hazy, oscillating in the darkness
Red moons flashing rhythmic intermittent
Beeps clockwork but skies remain starless
Move he tried; alas! muscles unwilling
Overwhelming fatigue consumes his being
But where is everyone? for he feels alone
In an antarctic world; hell foreshadowing?
Yes, alone in the glacial grim universe
No loved ones around him, oh not even one
He grimaces as a weight crushes his chest
Breathless, gasping, sadly air has gone
Those southern lights slowly flattening
The red moons flashing more incandescent
As he drifts, faintly he heard code blue
A dragonfly hovered, eerie and iridescent
To a void he flies suddenly billion stars
Oh, almost within reach, inviting even
He lets the pain go, air he needs no more!
Sleep he welcomes, dreaming only of heaven...
© Vic Evora 07-02-2020

Dedicated to my nephew who succumbed to one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and died alone! And to all who have died alone during this pestilence.


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