The Adventure Never Ends

Four to five generations of Alphan brothers
Have gone through the gates of our university
All in search of an education that matters,
Of a cultural awakening; a unique identity
We came from the far reaches of the country;
The cream; the best from where we came from
Some more ready than others to create history
Some wide-eyed, wondering what they’ll become
Somehow, we all gravitated towards Tau Alpha
Perhaps we saw something exemplary and noble
A brotherhood unlike no other in the arena;
An adventure to make our lives unforgettable
We all joined and have undergone the crucible
Formulated to test our mettle and our heart
Designed to let us realize nothing’s impossible
Crafted to provide experiences that set us apart
We joined a fraternity that’s well-respected
On campus, as well as in the whole community!
We joined a group with swagger, loved yet hated;
With fun-filled camaraderie, unmatched loyalty
Most of us stayed on campus for five years
Basking in the limelight as proud Tau Alphans
Sadly, some succumbed to temptation from peers;
We had to leave the campus and modify our plans!
But the Alphan spirit flourished, not just survived
No matter where we landed, our lives lit a spark
We became educators; as businessmen we thrived!
Technocrats, writers, statesmen; we made a mark!
A few became soldiers who gravitated to the top
Some became men of God; yes! fisher of souls
Some crossed oceans in search of a great job...
But to stay true Alphans, still the top of our goals!
We graduated with honors; we aced the boards
Great careers we had! Many incredible moments!
But for us, our families still our greatest reward;
Our source of pride, our living monuments!
By heaven’s four winds, we’re now dispersed
We’ve advanced to the far reaches of our earth
Always in search of adventure in this universe
A good life, a place we can profess our faith...
Alas! Our founding brothers, and many more
Have gone ahead and journeyed on to Elysium
They left this world; gone to a distant shore
But in our communal lore, they’d still live on!
Sadly, more of us will pass on in the coming years
But our brotherhood will survive for decades more
Younger sailors will board the Argo, so never fear!
The adventure will never end, now, forevermore!
Alpha! Alpha!
© Vic Evora 12-23-2015

To my fraternity brothers, cheers!


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