I find myself writing eulogies more and more
Because people that I cherish have gone yonder
And so many friends from my youth and before,
They have crossed the threshold into forever.
Sadly, no words are left to express the grief
The feelings of loss, sorrow, and bereavement
In time, perhaps despair leaves and comes relief
Pain will persevere, but the spirit’s resilient
Still the vessel is empty, verses hence unspoken
Only muted sighs, gentle unshed tears remain
What’s left to say when a loved one is taken?
The words exist no longer to express the pain
The mind verbalizes not, for the heart’s broken
Lips remain sealed, cracked under the strain
Thus, no elegies left to mark their passing
Though fond memories will remain in the heart
No dirges, no requiems, no songs of mourning
Only a silent toast, a smile, a tip of the hat
No salutes nor testimonials, no celebrating
A hushed prayer, a quiet tribute as they depart
Goodbyes, farewells will be uttered in silence
Dark glasses will no doubt hide away the tears
Perhaps an empty chair will recognize an absence
But grief will smolder in the incoming years
For sure I will go where others have gone before
Perchance someone plays the taps to honor me
But I pray I see loved ones beyond heaven’s door
That blessed morning, where the sky meets the sea
© Vic Evora

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”
Shannon Alder


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Barb Clarke
4 months

Sorry for your loss, yes the spirit is resilient and happy the day when the sky meets the sea and you rejoin your loved ones. Nice tribute Vic.

4 months

Thank you Barb. I decided that this will be the last one I will write. I have written so many, most I have not shared publicly.

Thank you for liking.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
4 months

The older we get, the more frequently we have to day goodbye. Alas, many times "farewells have to be uttered in silence" and it adds to the sadness.

4 months

Sadly, it is worse these days amidst this pestilence.

Charlotte B. Williams
4 months

So sorry for your losses. It’s so much easier though when we know they’ve gone to a better place. Still the loss of precious family members, and friends is not easy. Be encouraged my friend. Your friends here on Poeticous care, and think very highly of you.

4 months

Thank you Charlotte. And thanks for liking the poem. The pandemic has been unkind.

Robert L. Martin
4 months

I lost a few people that were close to me. I know how you feel. The older I get, the more there are.

4 months

I guess there’s more to come. Unless it is my turn.

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