Fantastic Farce

The way that they met was truly comical
Matter of fact, it’s downright hysterical
   Floorboards had a gap
   He tripped, fell on her lap
The initial attraction was purely physical
Their romance, people would call atypical
For their personalities are antithetical
   He thinks he’s always right
   Her temper just about to ignite
To all, their differences seemed astronomical
Yet they had fun; and honestly were never cynical
Even though their affair started quite asymmetrical
   They fell in love deeply
   Everyone saw that clearly
Their romance went from farcical to fantastical
For honeymoon, they went to somewhere tropical
But she got ill, had to go to a place medical
   The doctor did not prescribe
   A liquid potion to imbibe
Neither did he give her a pill that’s spherical
For nothing’s wrong with her, it’s all biological
In nine months, there’ll be an event genealogical
   They’ll change dirty diapers
   Carry milk bottles and wipers
The changes in their lives will be amazingly radical
© Vic A Evora

I am a big fan of limericks. And I think it needn't be bawdy to be a good limerick. I hope above poem does limericks justice,


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