Up above, like a set of silvery longhorns
The sickle moon hung in the twilight skies;
Its crescent shape mirrored in dark waters
As tiny wavelets sparkled like fireflies!
From afar, the church steeple, a silhouette
A dark dagger piercing the cloudless heavens
The town sleeps, unaware of the night mysteries
Unfolding, yet hidden, in the universe immense
In a galaxy far away, an aging star explodes
Into a brilliant supernova, a long time ago
Its glowing radiance travels at light speed
From a corner of heaven, to the left of Virgo
A momentous event yet unseen by the naked eye
Epic and cataclysmic in magnitude and scale
Yet just a flicker in the sky; hardly a ripple
Lost in the heavens, amid a star-studded veil!
In some dark reaches of the galactic hinterland
Planets, stars, constellations swallowed whole
Into an eternal abyss, their fates unknown
Light itself imprisoned in a ravenous black hole
Still closer to home, explosions in our own sun
Irradiate molecules in the earth’s ionosphere
Lighting up the night skies in the polar regions
As the world sleeps through the night without fear!
Tonight, as the sickle moon rides across the heavens
Its soothing silv’ry light reassures the world
That all’s well; though the mysteries of the night
Perhaps fearful, yet magnificent spectacles to behold!
© Vic A Evora

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Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

The Universe-incomprehensible, “more bodies than all the grains of sands in the planet earth”, at all times exploding giving birth to new worlds and death to old world/stars yet we the only known living beings are shielded from this chaotic order and miraculously can snore through the night into our waking hours to “behold the morning glories, the miracles of life”.

Like. Thanks Brod.

over 3 years

@Nelson D Reyes: Indeed Brod. As I grow older, I marvel more and more at the magnificence I see.

Thanks for liking

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