Cycle of Love

When love begins, sparks fly everywhere
The world spins, in the sky a meteor shower
When love starts, an indescribable feeling
Two starry-eyed hearts, in unison dreaming
Then as love grows, many fairy tales unfold
In rhyme and prose, like romances of old
As love develops, fiery passions heighten
And as time elapse, heart throbs quicken
When love matures, an air of calm and peace
And when it endures, happiness without cease
But when love dies, dark shadows rule
The twilight skies, and life turns cruel
As love expires, joy bids adieu
Happiness retires, and the world is blue
When love’s no more, sleepless nights
As torrents pour, from heav’nly heights
Thus, when it’s over, a hopeless tomorrow
Days are somber, full of pain and sorrow
Alas! when love ends, no sunrise only sunsets
Even as the heart mends, only nights of regrets!
But lo! love can be reborn, sparks can reignite
Relationships torn, mended and made right
When love comes again, broken hearts will heal
In sunshine or rain, church bells will peal
The second time around, love makes life a pleasure
A joyful merry-go-round, and every day a treasure
With its dying embers, love can burst into flame
For the heart remembers: Love, ravishing thy name!
© Vic A Evora 04-22-2018
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