The Aftermath

First two days, stressful; but tougher the nights
Funnel clouds formed, though few touched the ground
But warnings rang in frightening frequency;
Off to a shelter each time the alarms sound!
Thunder claps boomed, lightning bolts lit the sky
As the wind howled louder than a heathen hound,
Nonstop rain banged on the roof and window panes
All night long; a moment of sleep can’t be found
The storm passed, but before petering out inland
It headed back to sea; picking up more moisture
And made a second landfall, perhaps less potent
But using torrential rain, the world to torture!
The heavens gushed, for three days it poured
And the tempest stayed, delaying its departure
The rivers overflowed, reservoirs inundated;
Water everywhere depicted a gloomy picture!
Thousands of homes flooded; streets under water
People cornered in attics and upper floors;
While others in roofs, defenseless in the rain
Yelling for assistance, until they’re hoarse!
In the submerged highways and thoroughfares
Vehicles stranded, drivers trapped or worse
Others more fortunate left their homes in time
Four walls of the shelters now their universe
But in the face of disaster, accidental heroes
In our midst; rose up to rescue the unfortunate
In the depths of despair, heaven sent angels
To assist the luckless; and their pain alleviate!
In tragic circumstances, even ordinary mortals
Achieved heroic feats; superhuman and great;
The best humankind can offer, now manifest
In the scenes of calamity, dismal and desolate!
The Aftermath
And the winds ceased, finally a great calm
Behind clouds, the hesitant sun showed its face
There’s joy, but no relief, and much anxiety
As the tempest left to lay waste another place
For the rivers rose to heights unheard of
As punishing rains fell for several days!
Many streets flooded, while others inaccessible
And far too many were virtual castaways!
After several rain-soaked days, a sun-filled morning
Deep indigo skies; and the flood waters receding
A rainbow in the east, a promise from on high
Better days ahead, but elation will be misleading;
For there’s much to be done; and recovery arduous
The work will be hard, painful and time-consuming
But then super heroes were born during the disaster
And in the storm’s aftermath, hope is everlasting!!
© Vic A Evora

Dedicated to all the victims of Harvey! Houston Strong!

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