The Bay

Overhead, he watched an eagle slowly circling,
Riding on thermals rising from warm hills behind;
He surveilled from atop a rock, overlooking
A breath-taking scene; now tattooed in his mind!
A panoramic view of the bay, in shades of blue
Its glassy surface shimmers in the midday sun
Accented by billowy clouds, lily white to ecru;
In the robin’s egg sky; a sight second to none!
Evergreen-covered hills at both his sides
Sloped gently into the white sandy beach below
To his left, the hilltop in low-lying mist, it hides
Adding mystery to the beauty nature did bestow!
Down at the beach, waves thundered onshore
The white foam looked refreshing and inviting
Just what he needed now, for his feet are sore
After long hours, through the woods, running!
The air smelled of fresh pine with the faint
Aroma of fallen leaves, a soothing earthy scent
Appeasing his soul, though a sedative it ain’t!
He soaked it up, to revitalize his spirit spent!
The searing heat of the midday sun was brutal
And beads furrowed down his brow to his face
But the breeze refreshed as it blew downhill
Cooling down his feverish body in myriad ways!
Alas! The breeze carried his scent eastward
Wherefrom he came, to those who pursue him!
He could hear them howl; he must be on guard
Stay ahead, he must! Lest his future be grim!
He heard the heartbeats of the pursuing pack
And he could sense villainy from a distance!
With blood-shot eyes, they’re poised to attack;
So he must go immediately to have a chance!
Quiver half-filled with arrows; he grabbed his bow
And scaled down the rock to the forest floor…
He sprinted down the hill, as fast as he could go,
To the beach below; to the safety of the shore!
Just behind him, the pack was getting close
He shot arrows as he dashed; smiting a few;
They kept coming, some cutting him across
He struggled on, till the beach came to view!
An eternity it seemed; then at last, white sand!
Close to journey’s end, and soon salvation!
Down to his last arrow, he struck the damned
Alas! One more to go; he prayed in desperation!
As he was on the verge of accepting his fate,
The eagle swooped down from the sky above,
Its sharp talons snatched the creature of hate;
Yet when he looked up, he saw a white dove!
He rushed to shore, grateful for the victory
Snatched from utter defeat, at the last minute!
And when his feet touched water, he felt free!
He sensed a power; all-knowing and infinite!
He waded on until he was waist-deep and sank
Into the water; feeling the filth washed away
He felt born again; good fortune he thanked
Immersed in the beauty and grandeur of the bay!
© Vic A Evora...

These notes are dedicated to my sweetheart who requested that I try to explain what this poem is all about. So here goes -

• The view of the bay, its beauty and grandeur, is a vision of heaven or the afterlife

• The beach, the shore represents salvation or rebirth.

• The blazing sun is a metaphor for human suffering...

• The scent of pine needles and fallen leaves are things that help us in our sufferings through life.

• The breeze is a double-edged sword. It alleviates our pain somewhat, while at the same time it exposes us to things that are out there to destroy us. For example television.

• The pack (presumably of wolves) represent Satan and his minions. You can view each beast as a temptation, sent to derail our plan of salvation.

• The arrows are our defense against temptation. They represent the word of God (the Bible or the messages He sends through His prophets) that we can use to ward off temptations in our life,

• The eagle represents divine intervention, or guardian angels. When we pray, sometimes He sends us help so that we will achieve salvation. The dove is the Holy Spirit from where heavenly interventions come from.

• Finally, the immersion in the water represents baptism where we wash away all the grime in our life...

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