The Story of Me

The Abridged “Cliff Notes” Version

Enter, Stage Right
Not much to tell
So this will be quick
Nothing special happened
Though many memorable moments
I was born smart
More clever than most
But sadly, I did not apply
My mind to its full potential
I’ve fallen in love
And then out of love
Once, twice, maybe thrice
And now, fallen in love once more
I led a quiet life
Never been famous
Never been filthy rich
Done nothing exceptional
Children I raised
Fine, grown up now
I’m glad they’re not like me
They’ll realize all of their dreams
Others, I help
Whenever I could
I try to pay it forward
Hoping to get it on the flipside
Some I’ve rubbed
The wrong way, and so
I hope they will forgive me
Before I leave starship Earth
The story of me
Quite long in years
Short on accomplishments
A busload of pleasant memories
Exit, stage left
The End
©Vic Evora


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