The sky was slate grey, the clouds hung low
The salty air was misty from the ocean spray
At the Montauk lighthouse, the lamp’s aglow
As night shadows come out at the end of day
Wave after wave were crashing on the rocks
But countless more frothy crests follow them
From the grey ocean like white pigeon flocks
The monotony of it all is truly nature’s gem
They sat atop a dune watching the grey scene
Cuddled with hoodies on because of the chill
His arms around her and no space in between
With the lighthouse behind them atop a hill
On the skyline they saw silhouettes of ships
Vessels on the way to distant foreign shores
Wished they’re in one of those exotic strips
In sunshades and bikinis, near a golf course
But they visited this place as a pilgrimage
For they met here one summer day years ago
To rekindle the embers, save their marriage
Recapture yesterday so as to keep tomorrow
It was a sun-filled July day, unlike today
The sky was cloud-free and the sea was calm
Sea gulls soared, and white sails far away
He was twenty, she was just at senior prom
That day long ago they brushed on the way up
The narrow stairs of the Montauk lighthouse
And talked as they looked out the narrow gap
Into the ocean, a warmth within them arouse
Today, they climbed the narrow stairs again
Hand in hand but tentative, a little fearful
Wind in their face, they gazed at the ocean
Waves come and go, but not a single seagull
Then he looked at her, and he was mystified
For she looked as she was so many years ago
And while grey hair made him look dignified
His smiles captivate her like they always do
And all the years evaporated before his eyes
She’s young again, lady he fell in love with
He’s still as loveable, much to her surprise
First love never dies, is surely not a myth
At dusk, they sat atop the dune by the shore
The roar of the waves prevented conversation
But their hearts in tune, it mattered no more
The mere touches expressed their deep emotion
Watching ships on the way to faraway places
They dreamt of where to spend the years left
Exotic beaches, perhaps a city that’s famous
Yet if they’re together, they won’t be bereft
The sky was slate grey, the clouds hung low
The salty air was misty from the ocean spray
They feel the warmth, their hearts all aglow
And night shadows won’t take their joy away…
© Vic A Evora...


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The Montauk Point Light is a lighthouse located in Montauk Point State Park at the easternmost point of Long Island, in the hamlet of Montauk in the Town of East Hampton in Suffolk County, New York. It is the most iconic structure on Long Island. The lighthouse lies on a high hill with a sharp cliff just beyond the tower.

This Lighthouse is special: It was commissioned by George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt visited in his Rough Rider days, it has saved many ships from wrecking off the Point, and Amistad survivors came ashore in 1839 after the mutiny and murder of the Captain who was trying to sell them into slavery (they were later tried and acquitted in court).

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almost 5 years

Thank you for the kind comments. My girlfriend is hooked on lighthouses and has a collection of photos, paintings and miniatures. We actually went up the Montauk lighthouse two years ago, and it gave me the idea to write this love story...

R. L. McCallum
almost 5 years

I am a lover of the sea and of lighthouses. A well rounded romantic verse. Nicely rendered.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 5 years

Splendido! This is my kind of romantic poem. Can't put in words how I feel.

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