Nowhere To Go

An Ode to Love with No Pre-Conditions...
Sunrise, early morning, he’s wide awake
A resigned look in his grim face
His breath, a mist; the cold he can’t shake
Hard to keep warm in this place…
He put a jacket on, went out, lit a cigarette
And paced back and forth
In the driveway, the pavement was wet…
In no time, he lit his fourth
He knows he has to face the inevitable
Monday morning, nowhere to go
Friday, he lost his job, and that’s regrettable
How will he let his wife know!
He looked up, saw the kitchen light was on
Then the door opened
His wife, on the doorway with an apron
Called him, the silence broken
He tossed the cigarette butt, and went in
The strong aroma of coffee
Quickly soothed his frayed nerves, within
Seconds, he’s awake as can be
He sat on the breakfast table, by his wife
Bacon and eggs and toast
A glass of orange juice, butter and a knife
He looked at her, teary-eyed almost
He gazed at her adoringly, his only love
But how could he tell her?
He’s a failure, got nothing to be proud of
Surely her expectations are higher
He mustered all the courage he could
Told her about Friday
He felt small, worthless; and there he stood
Awaiting what she would say!
He waited, perhaps ‘twas just a few seconds
But it seemed a lifetime
It was the worst he has ever felt, he reckons
As if he has committed a crime
Then he looked at her, in her eyes were tears
Not tears of disappointment
Nor tears of regret; and through all the years
He’s seen nothing more poignant
He saw in her eyes the depth of her emotions
Not tears of pity
Rather tears of love with no pre-conditions
Even in times of calamity
She touched both his cheeks; kissed his lips
And stroked his hair
Whispered she loves him; his heart skips
Overwhelmed, he sat on a chair
In his mind, he realized how lucky he’s been
To have her in his life
And so he vowed with all the power within
To love her forever, his beautiful wife
Sunrise, Monday morning, and nowhere to go
But it matters not!
Life goes on, hardships will come; they know
But all’s well; for each other they have got
© Vic A Evora


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