What a Choice!

What a choice we have; we’re so screwed
One’s a liar, the other’s so damn crude!
Remember Whitewater? Oh, she’s so crooked
But he’s a racist, a sexist, just plain wicked!
We heard she’s hard on the Secret Service
But anything he says, simply makes us nervous
She’s gonna have Bill back in the White House
But if he wins, we’ll all be in the outhouse.
She was a total failure as Secretary of State
But his words inspire xenophobia and hate
We’d rather see her retire, be a grandmother
We’d rather the misogynist be cannon fodder
Yes, what a choice we have; we’re so screwed
Let's sleep for four years; oh, if only we could!
© Vic A Evora...

"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils, is still choosing evil." ~ Jerry Garcia

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