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The Lost Boys

The Mis-adventures and Exploits of Three Ten Year Old Boys...

He got up early, one Saturday morning
And very quickly put his sneakers on,
Shorts, an old shirt; while yawning
Washed, brushed; ah! Bad breath gone!
He ran out the house, not telling Mom
And met two buddies in the street corner
Today’s a glimpse of what could become
Sure they’d be heroes; known everywhere
They’ve made elaborate plans for today
They’d scale the hills around the town
Be the Lost Boys, for real, not just play
And they’ll be famous; of great renown
A mile away at the back of the hospital
They started the slow climb up a hill
With walking sticks, feeling prodigal
They parted the long grass with skill
Shortly, the sun was midway up the sky
And it started to get unbearably warm
But they had brought no water. Oh my!
So they stole fruits from a nearby farm!
In an hour or so, they were at a summit
Overlooking the sleepy tree-lined town
The church steeple, with a cross atop it
The tallest building, the village crown!
With their walking sticks they started
Mock sword fights, like pirates of old
Winner strutted, loser broken-hearted
Fun and laughter, each moment’s gold
They sat and sang; songs that didn’t rhyme
Rehashed stories they’ve told and retold
For they’ve been buddies for a long time
Ever since they were only four years old
After a short breather, they proceeded
And continued to trek away from town
View of the sea, to the left unimpeded
The hills to the right, parched and brown
By noon, far away from town, it’s hot
They’re sweating like hogs, in buckets
Thirsty and hungry, eat they cannot
No food! All they’ve got, empty pockets
Tall grasses started to gash their arms,
And their legs; then the skitter bites
Soon the adventure lost all its charms
This just wasn’t for well-known knights!
But they persevered for a while longer
No one dared to be first to chicken out
In their little circle; at stake is honor
Better with reputation, than be without
But thirst and hunger, too much to handle
Almost simultaneously all three of them—
Under pressure, they melted like a candle
And they quit! So what if others condemn
Far from town they started a slow descent
Down the hills, careful not to fall over
It’s a steep decline; much time was spent
On their butts, as they went down lower
They’re finally in level ground; in a farm
A place he recognized; he’d been there!
Grandpa’s place; they’re away from harm
But they’re thirsty and hungry for sure
Filthy too!! So they rushed to the well
Took turns pumping water, to wash their
Faces, arms, legs; rid of the sweaty smell
By pouring freezing water on their hair!
They drank as much water as they could,
But no one’s home; except the caretaker
An old man; he can’t give them any food
Quickly they left to continue their caper
On the dusty road, he knew they were near
The small sleepy village where he was born
He knew people there; maybe food will appear
Plain rice would be perfect! Or maybe corn!
They crossed the wide river bridge on foot
He pointed to where their house used to be
But it’s under water now; it’s all caput
But how it looked; always in his memory
He led them to a house of someone he knew
The old man who lives there is a family friend
He summoned them when they came to view
Asked his wife to cook; ah! What a godsend!
Unpolished rice! Wow, the aroma’s amazing
Two fire-grilled mackerels for them to share
Nothing tasted as good; that’s not surprising
And after they’re done, there’s none to spare!
Satiated with food and drink, they rested
And chatted with the lady and the old man
They gave thanks; then hurriedly departed
For they saw the beach, and off they ran
Laughing all the way, they ran to the shore
Took off their shoes, then stripped naked
They waded into the water as the waves roar
Their joy unmistakable, as afternoon faded…
It was almost dusk before they realized
How late in the day it was; that’s trouble
No way to get home before dark; penalized
They’ll be; their futures reduced to rubble?
Quickly they got dressed; walked to town
Some ten miles away, thinking of alibis
To tell their parents, fearful and down
Thinking how, their butts to tranquilize!
He didn’t see his friends for many weeks
Except in school and they were forbidden
To see each other; state of their cheeks
Butt cheeks, that is, a subject verboten
But they remained friends for many years
Close friends, and some say, blood brothers
Misadventures of that day, and lots of beers
Lived on, even when they became fathers
© Vic A Evora...


Dedicated to my two childhood friends, Jimmy and Nick. Sadly they are now both departed. We had a great experience that one day so long ago, and I shall always remember them.

I wrote this poem, so they could be remembered somehow…

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