An Ode to Childhood Mischief

There it was…
Anchored in the shore
Our neighbor’s outrigger
One hazy Saturday afternoon
It’s so inviting
On a quiet, lazy day
Nothing worthwhile to do
Take a nap, or go out to sea
So stealthily…
I stole the outrigger
Lest our neighbor sees me
It’d be hell if mom found out
A mile out at sea
It was calm and serene
All alone with my thoughts
All my crazy childhood dreams
Days of youth
Where have they gone?
Days of childhood mischief
Of hope and youthful fantasies
All grown up
I look out the window
The outrigger anchored there
Somehow not as inviting as before
© Vic A Evora


In an outrigger canoe and in sailboats such as the proa, an outrigger is a thin, long, solid, hull used to stabilise an inherently unstable main hull. The outrigger is positioned rigidly and parallel to the main hull so that the main hull is less likely to capsize. If only one outrigger is used on a vessel, its weight reduces the tendency to capsize in one direction and its buoyancy reduces the tendency in the other direction.

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quasi 5 anni

Yes, indeed

Benjamin G. Sangalang
quasi 5 anni

Makes me miss even the innocence of my children and wish I could turn back the clock. Great poem.

Benjamin G. Sangalang
quasi 5 anni

Brings me back to my youth. Bittersweet feelings. Once carefree and reckless, which I miss; now wise hopefully.

circa 5 anni

Thank you Charlotte

Charlotte B. Williams
circa 5 anni

Nice, enjoyed this.

circa 5 anni

Thank you. Really appreciate it.

Parker Jennings
circa 5 anni

Sympathetic and enlightening as usual

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