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The Tall Shadow

We grieve, we mourn
But life still goes on

Taller than him his shadow
For it was late in the day
The sun sinks in the skyline
Behind gray hills far away
The chill is just beginning
Languidly he watched the bay
Its blue waters turning dark
In his face saltwater spray
He thinks about what happened
Just today and yesterday
There’s no anger just sadness
Tears in his eyes can’t betray
Soon the darkness around him
Billion stars light up the sky
Velvet dome with such beauty
But with heavy heart did sigh
Quite hard to admire nature
When the heartache still is nigh
Hoping that the comforter
Comes to lift his spirits high
Pain sadness too much to bear
To forever say goodbye
A dear friend who passed away
Sometimes he wished he could cry
Tonight’s the time for grieving
Tomorrow the sun will rise
Business of life starts again
Tears no longer in his eyes!
© Vic Evora

Yesterday, in the parking lot I saw my shadow and I was amused at how much taller than me it was. This inspired me to write this poem. I restricted each line to seven syllables, much like the Japanese tanka. I am hoping it is readable.

The theme of the poem is sadness. I am getting on in years and I have lost many friends. I grieve for each of them. But I always opt to live fully the rest of my life.


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