Yellow Raincoat

She sat in her yellow raincoat as she waited for him
Complete, content despite the rain and the cold
She’s the magic in his life, his peaches and cream
Yet she knows not she’s the sunshine in his world
He caught a glimpse from across the crowded room
She’s a touch of sunrise in the cold, rainy night
The light as dawn breaks, a tulip about to bloom
A breath of fresh air, a honeyed Turkish delight
A huge smile lit her the moment he came to view
She rushed to him, their lips lock into a soulful kiss
There in the middle of the crowd; they had no clue
Of the smiling, prying eyes in that momentary bliss
They sat on a bench away from the spinning carousel
Secretly praying his luggage will take longer to show
His arm around her, her face on his chest as they cuddle
Whispering sweet nothings; neither wanting to let go
He caressed her hair soothingly; his aches disappeared
She looked at him; realized how much she missed him.
Life can be cruel and even though they’ve persevered
Loneliness can be daunting; separation can be grim
Sadly, in a few days they’ll be in this same place
She’d bid goodbye to him, joy will turn to sorrow
Sadness will grip him too, as tears fall down her face
But tonight’s time for happiness, let heartache be tomorrow!
© Vic A Evora


Again, one of my early attempts to write love poems. Hoping it worked somehow.

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