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A Prayer on going into my House

GOD grant a blessing on this tower and cottage    
And on my heirs, if all remain unspoiled,    
No table, or chair or stool not simple enough    
For shepherd lads in Galilee; and grant    
That I myself for portions of the year        
May handle nothing and set eyes on nothing    
But what the great and passionate have used    
Throughout so many varying centuries.    
We take it for the norm; yet should I dream    
Sinbad the sailor’s brought a painted chest,    
Or image, from beyond the Loadstone Mountain    
That dream is a norm; and should some limb of the devil    
Destroy the view by cutting down an ash    
That shades the road, or setting up a cottage    
Planned in a government office, shorten his life,    
Manacle his soul upon the Red Sea bottom.

The Wild Swans at Coole. 1919.


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