Awhile ago I began work on a third concept series. The Hero Of Time concept series doesn’t count. It’s more of an extra little side series. This third and new series will be titled Walk The Waters. It mainly deals with doubt and the many forms of doubt and how we are able to overcome these doubts as long as we actually strive and give it our best effort.
Also with this new series, I decided to take a step outside of the pre-apocalyptic and apocalyptic concepts of the Era Seven and Extinction series and write from a more personal point of view. I noticed that Era Seven and Extinction addressed their concepts more aggressively and passionately, but with less encouragement. And so with Walk The Waters, I decided to write about doubt in general with a more softer and encouraging tone, but while still keeping it passionate at the same time.
I personally like this new series a lot and I hope all you readers will enjoy its poems and possibly find solutions to any problems regarding doubt you may relate to and struggle with.

I will be adding links to YouTube videos of songs that have inspired certain poems of mine, so be on the lookout for those.:)

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