Break Me

Deception mandatory
No more room for the rights
Allowing the disease
The only way to stay alive
Rebellion is my middle name
And I won’t play those petty games
So cuff me and gag me
Throw me into a cell
You’ll find me on my knees
Praying with no fear of Hell
Is that all you can throw at me?
Are these the only tricks you’ve got up your sleeve?
I can see what you’re hiding
You’ll have to do more than that to break me
Con me
Lie to me
Strike me down with darts ablaze
You were the enemy
I can see it through the souls you betrayed
No amount of torture breaks
No bribery can convince me
I stand fast for rapture’s sake
It’ll be sulfur and brimstone you breathe
Why do you even try?
You’re just deceiving yourselves
You can’t break me

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