Brother, lusting and craving more
Never considering the cost
Sister, lost to the life of whores
Soon all of your hope will be lost
Be quick, take hold of this final chance
Or just continue to ride the fence
There’s nothing left for me to say
No words to break through and make a change
Your persistence will still remain
Defiant youth forever the same
Children, sons and daughters of God
Conforming to join the deceived
Why then do you run with a nod?
Defying all you once believed
If what you follow is true
Then I have surely failed you

This is a poem written to this generation's youth. I've decided to not give a description for this one because I want to challenge young readers to attempt to find the meaning behind the words on their own. If you have thoughts on the poem, feel free to write them in the comments below.

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Azur White
over 6 years

Had the notes written out, but the computer shut off from being overheated :(
I'll be re-writing them, but it'll be awhile. I'm having trouble remembering what all I wrote.

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