This flesh carnal
Death is the only thing it craves
This mind feral
A wandering soul gone astray
I am bound to this rightful curse
Until You redeem the universe
My soul is trapped within a demon
Born a hellion
Though not without a destined reason
I’m a demon
A blackened heart
With righteousness striving for air
Murderous thoughts
Choking out the innocence that was there
I feel the flame inside me
But within this entity
It is out of reach...
A purpose from Heaven
An agenda from Hell

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Kaylah pops
almost 6 years

its wonderful, dark,thrilling...exciting...sort of like a message:not everything is good, but somewhere deep down there's still something good, pure.

Cory Garcia
almost 6 years

This would be an excellent intro to a story/series of poems

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