And here we go again
Back in this chaos land
You keep pulling me in
Into the heat and sand
Conformity is
What you want of me and
My full allegiance
But I'm not buying it
So you think you can keep ahold?
Now it’s my turn to take control
We just don’t
Seem to see
Eye to eye
Now you know
I draw the line
I don’t care
I’m not scared
It’s my life
This is where
I draw the line
Now I have higher ground
I’m putting my foot down
Sick of it, I’m screaming loud
Get ready for the next round
You won’t lead me away
This faith is here to stay
You’ll never fool me again
So this is where it ends
Don’t come any closer
And don’t ever return
You just crossed the line
Now your victory dies
I’ve drawn the line
I come alive
Now stand aside
Your hope has died

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