As time goes by I can’t seem to stay awake
Minutes pass by and I lose track of today
Hours fly past me and I can’t find my way
I’m getting tired of living in the gray
My eyes are closing
It’s faith I’m losing
I’m drifting away
I need to stay awake
Don’t wanna lose sight
Gotta move towards the light
I’m drifting away
Can you keep me awake?
Before I fall asleep again
Make sure I don’t cave in
As days escape I can’t seem to learn at all
Weeks breeze by and I don’t seem to hear you call
Months sneak past me, I’m afraid I’m gonna fall
I’m growing drowsy leaning against this wall
These years just keep on fleeing
And my eyes just aren’t seeing
What can I do to stay awake?
Wake me before I drift away

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