I’ve been pierced once again
And again, I must hide my face
Fragility, why must you get the best of me?
You’ve asked if I’m alright
And again, I must lie to your face
Debility, you always force my heart to flee
Wouldn’t you be better off
Thinking I’m okay?
When I know inside
I’m deep in dismay
I don’t want you to feel my pain
I’d rather just hide under a happy face
While I wait for it all to go away
Just keep staring at my happy face
I’m good at hiding it
And yet, I feel like you see right through
Insanity, have you finally taken me?
I wish I could reveal
But I feel... as though I can’t speak truth
Futility, my new reality
Maybe someday
I’ll tell you of my trials
But until then
I guess I’m in denial

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