life is not "just is what it is"

thank you bill your wisdom was precious to my soul

life is what you do with it not what others make of it
life is about quaility not quanitity
life is about now, and not about  the then
life is precious not fragile
life is a memory for the future
life is not about sorrow but about growing from it
life is not is what it is
life is about friends and loving one another
life is not  about then or now or this and that
its about special moments that make growing old fun
life is about keeping your friends near and  your enemies closer
life isn’t about being popular but its about how you can learn to be alone
life its about getting to know what your purpose in this world is
and not being measured by others we are measured by how we live to love life and how we want to love to live.
life is measured by steps we take grow and to fall...
life is like a river if you don’t flow with it then
it will over flow and pour in to everyones soul.
life isn’t about how you look because if you are true in your soul
you will be beautiful because others will see that
life will make you ugly even if you are pretty because if you choose regret than your face will wear it to your audiance you may not know ever existed.
life is only here for a short time
life is about who can you help who can you make have a  better day
life is complicated but it has a beautiful pattern if you lead it down the right path
life is amazing because you can make it better by beveling in you self.
life is not just is what it is, life is what you make of it


i work as an activity assistant and i work with old people and i cut hair so i get gathered learning experiences, and i am experiencing my first sick client who i am close with so i wanted to share what he's made me reflex on.

bill break first for heart man my old t. the to

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