today you sang to me

you stood on the chair stirring the brownie mix
you turn to me and start to sing “let it go”
your words told me how much you loved me
you reassuerd me I was raising you right because
after you said “let it go mom I love you so much you let me
play with my trains, and buy me my fish” your big hazel eyes
ripped thru my soul....
Did you just reassure me its ok to grieve and to let it go
how empowering your words were for a child
I started to cry you looked at me and asked me if those were real
I smiled and said yes because your song was so beautiful
you grab my hand and said mommy your beautiful
it was a ray of sunshine peering thru me
i watch you get down and pace away
your little feet made me laugh
oohhh how sweet and priceless you are
only you could make me cry and laugh....
I love you..and you make me a beautiful person


cole is now four he is the best son ever!!!!

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