I remember our perfect special Saturday night,
It was fantastic and an utter delight.
I would arrive at your house about eight,
You would watch me walking,
through your green garden gate.
I remember the beautiful smile on your face,
Saturday night watching tv in an embrace.
Talking and drinking beer and wine,
relaxed in an embrace watching tv,
Feeling fine and knowing you are all mine.
I remember them big blue eyes,
So close to me as we laid in your bed,
I remember everything you said.
Loved to listen to every time we were close,
And be with you the most.
I do remember the Saturday night,
Its not there now its out of sight.
Because we have split up and had a fight,
Now its boring on Saturday night.
2015© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson

I miss that Special Perfect Saturday night was special to me

2015© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson

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