I am very tiered been up since dawn,
Its not getting so late tonight I am beginning to yawn.
I get into bed and pull the soft warm cover over my head,
Feeling tiered and sleepy in my nice warm bed.
But I remember what you said all them words ringing in my head,
I turn over and close my eyes and then trying to sleep in my bed.
Struggling to try to sleep my mind asks unanswered questions,
I want to sleep but my mind has run out of all suggestions
I get out of bed then find a small radio,
Turn it on I can hear DJ  radio show.
Turn the volume down low, in hope so it sends me off to sleep
So then I can be counting sheep.
I can hear the music in the background now,
All them words in my head seem to have gone somehow.
Feeling myself relaxed and my mind is going blank,
Its the DJ on the radio and his music I have to thank.
Relaxing and warm questions and words free
Then blackness as I fall into a deep sleep’
All them stupid questions and words we said
Float away and are completely our of my head
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


ever had a night when you cannot sleep

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